FBI failed to unlock Android Pattern-Screen


Android's pattern lock has recently proven to be a tough nut to crack even for the FBI

Locking down a phone is even more important today than ever because smart phones store so much personal information and Android’s pattern lock has proven that it is secured. It has recently proven that it is difficult to unlock even for the FBI. FBI failed to unlock the Android Pattern-Screen Lock. Companies and forensic experts said that the Android passcode locks can defeat unauthorized access.

“It’s not unreasonable they don’t have the capability to bypass that on a live device,” said Dan Rosenberg, a consultant at Boston-based Virtual Security Research.
Pimpin’ Hoes Daily (PHD) was run by the suspect, Dante Dears, in San Diego. He used to run this operation until he was convicted and locked up in 2005 and, later, got out in 2009. Authorities tethered him to a GPS monitor to make sure he couldn’t go outside to start again what he used to do but Dears found that Android phone can outwit his parole officers and he started using an Android phone to run his business.
On Jan. 11, 2011, the FBI saw Dears using a cell phone, the phone was a Samsung model SGH-T679 or the Samsung Exhibit II 4G, for a period of nearly six hours but Dears denied that the phone was his. He said this phone belongs to his sister. He denied to draw the pattern needed to unlock the Anroid, his parole officer stated that he couldn’t lock any of his files.

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